Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2018

Samstag, 22. Dezember 2018

Dorf im Schnee

  "Dorf im Schnee"
Linolschnitt, mehrfarbig, in verlorener Form
Auflage 20, 22 x 30 cm auf 31 x 43 cm


(c) Eva Wal, VG Bild

Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2018

The Wind Knows

The Wind Knows

Poem about a Poem

for a little boy

In the morning
just before raven
wipe their eyes with
the tips of their wings
and a rainbow stretches
from the green horizon
towards your window
over your house to another
horizon behind
dreams tiptoe away
a poem unfolds from
under your bed, creeps out
and asks: may I reveal myself?

A daydreaming poem
a poem about friendship and
cats, for example, about bright
things and the dark
about ghosts in the chimney,
the poem whispers

A poem made of voices outside
of your window, swaying over the field
whistling, piping, rattling
where the rainbow has just faded away

You hear laughter and sobs
the poem wants to tell about longing
and joy and hope and everything that is
important and cannot be said in sentences
with words put together like a puzzle into
a picture that everyone understands
By the way, no picture is understood
by anyone in the same way

So the poem crawls back under your bed
while you go to have breakfast

The poem will never be written
only you know the words and the voices

that you will share with the wind.

Written on the ferry from Dover to Calais, 29. October 2018

(c) Eva Wal, VG Bild


Samstag, 17. November 2018

Poetry @ the Pitt

Reading & Performance on the balcony of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, featuring Oxford Stanza 2 & "Dada war alles gut", Germany, Bonn, on Interpid Women, Maria A. Czaplicka & Makereti Papakura, October 27th 2018

Poetry @ Oxford


on a spedizija poetica
 "Dada war alles gut" in Oxford

20. - 29. October 2018

Welcome Party at Bill and Sandy Jenkinsons' place, Southfield Road, Oxford

Dada war alles gut meets Oxford Stanza 2

22nd October

Reception in the Town Hall
Lord Mayor Colin Cook

23rd October

 Reading at the Old Fire Station

Dada war alles gut 
Backroom Poets
Oxford Stanza 2
The Oxford Concert Party

Poetry in a Bottle
Messages to the Outside World

Friday, 26th October

Bill Jenkinson and Eva Wal
Nelly Neukirchen
Arne Richard and Isabel Knowland
Pat Winslow
Elisabeth Sofia Schlief
Andrew Dixon
Heike Keßler
Diana Bell

Sarah Watkinson
Kathleen McPhilemy
Sharon D. Cohagan
Robert Palmer

Also reading: Carl Tomlinson, Merryn Williams, Rip Bulkley, Inge Milfull

Two Public Poetry Workshops at the Pitt Rivers Museum

25th October

Pat is an amazing storyteller!

 Reading and Performance on the balcony of the Pitt Rivers Museum
Dada war alles gut
Oxford Stanza 2

on Interpid Women
Maria A. Czaplicka and Makereti Papakura

27th October

Elisabeth Sofia Schlief, Pat Winslow, Nelly Neukirchen, Romola Parish, Heike Keßler, Susan Wood, Bill Jenkinson, Sharon D. Cohagan, Eva Wal, Inge Milfull.

The Sound-Spiral, a composition of Eva Wal, is performed by all reading poets and also by Diana Bell and Lou Hough.

Performing the Sound-Spiral, composition by Eva Wal

Way Home

Fotos: Oliver Kerth und Eva Wal