Samstag, 15. September 2012


Performance on 11th of September 2012 at the Künstlerforum Bonn, with international guests of the NRW perfomance group PAERSCHE, founded by Boris Nieslony.

I decided to do a durational performance taking the whole evening, floating through the known and unknown of the place, the date, the people, expecting nothing...


folding paper-cranes... and thus connecting the present energies of the performers with my personal experiences and memories. The cranes became messengers of energy, fate, the known and the unknown, carrying written messages.

looking for peace of mind

cranes do fly

Performance Roddy Hunter (GB, York)

cranes of chaos, rage, fear, fever... 

Performance Valentine Verhaeghe (France)

changing from black...
... to white

Shaun Caton (GB, London) is performing in the small room.
I can hear sounds, very evocative, I think of vodoo... 

folding the crane of fear and fate 

peace of mind, fear and fate

folding the guilt-crane

you are guilty 

vodoo-crane for Shaun 

this crane is blind an innocent

Marcio Carvalho (Portugal/ Berlin) has started to perform upstairs 

pledge for light 

downstairs again... 
... starts the stunning performance by Lala Nomada (Mexico/ Cologne) 


sudden ending

the last crane: catharsis

photos (c) Oliver Kerth